Chelsea Art Night on Thursdays

The season begins...

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It's hot, it's humid, its just right for the ever-more-crowded opening in Chelsea. The streets were packed between 24th and 26th Street corner 10th Avenue with a constant stream of people coming and going.

28 galleries opening in Chelsea between 6:00 and 8:00 pm. Which would give me less than 5 minutes to visit each – and even, within this close proximity of a mere few blocks up and down, I simply considered it impossible. However, one could try, but i had to take my choices:

Chelsea Gallery

Are New Yorker's a big horde of art lovers? Or do they simply think it's a great way to enjoy a warm evening outside on the streets?...

I concentrated on 24th Street. The most interesting shows were at Boesky, Rosen or Marlborough and were even more packed. I was most struck by the work of Syrian born (1982) Diana Al-Hadid who works and lives in Brooklyn. She creates sprawling sculptures of seemingly impossible architecture.

"The entire structure is supported by a series of bases that appear to disintegrate where they meet the floor through a multitude of incised lines—exemplifying the artist’s signature drips within the negative space. Al-Hadid crafts sculptures that almost defy gravity seeming to hover above their foundation, creating a recurrent contradiction between the fine attenuated lines and the mass they seem to support." (Marianne Boesky Gallery)

In front of the 545 West 25th Street the line to get into Marlborough Chelsea Gallery at the elevator of Chelsea Arts Tower was so long I regretfully passed – I guess you need to be a "real New Yorker" and trained from early childhood on, to put it bluntly.
Marlborough Chelsea excerpt of the press release for "Stray Light Grey" by Justin Lowe and Jonah Freeman: "an artwork of layered density that draws from the disjunctive quality of the architectural sprawl, the cinematic mosaic of a Robert Altman picture and the cognitive estrangement of a science fiction novel." Wow, what did I miss?
Built in 2006, Chelsea Arts Tower is Manhattan’s first art gallery condominium.

pl watch below: Andrea Rosen Gallery: ANDREA ZITTEL Fluid Panel State

Another favorite of mine was the show of Marc Séguin "My Century (An Illustrated Guide for Aliens)" at Mike Weiss Gallery.

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Author: Petra Zechmeister
Year: 2012
Client: Viennafair