Author: Antje Mayer
Year: 2012
Client: Viennafair

The Austrian Cultural Forum New York

New York Austrian Cultural Forum is at the Viennafair.

A Late Night Interview with director Andreas Stadler.

Good afternoon New York. The Austrian Cultural Forum New York  is in Vienna at VIENNAFAIR.
We are delighted to have been offered a booth to display our publications, and we do more than that: We are there to talk and to explain to art lovers why we are in New York and what exactly we do there. I think that personal relationships are once again becoming more important – initially thought we'd be able to do everything digitally.

What image does Vienna have in New York? Keyword "Vienna is a hub between East and West? Is it really perceived this way in New York?
Vienna still has many images: the Hofburg, the Third Man, Vienna Actionism, the electronic music scene, and - last but not least - the image of a bustling center of post-migratory creativity. It is a gateway to Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Turkey, and the Arab world.

Do New Yorkers and US Americans know about Austrian culture, the artists and the galleries in Austria?
Austrian galleries are very strong in the US market; it is usually a dozen that make it into the top contemporary art fairs. This is huge in relation to the small size of our country.

Do US Americans have a different approach to buying and selling art than Europeans or is this just a rumor?
The motivations to buy art and support the arts here are as diverse as they are in Europe. On one hand, there is a trend that everybody and every institution buys the same top 100 artists, which leads to a certain streamlining and uniformity of collections. On the other hand, American collectors sometimes take very individualistic positions, and the art market in Europe is fragmented in national and regional submarkets. So there is still much room for diversity and a good chance for new talents to break through on both sides of the Atlantic.

What´s your personal tip and wish for the future of VIENNAFAIR?
To continue to be so lively, engaged, and enthusiastic for many years to come. Keep spaces open for non-profit initiatives, transversal art projects, allow diversity, dissent, and fresh subversivity.