Art Direction: Albert Handler
Graphic Design: Anouk Rehorek
Pictures: Markus Krottendorfer
Date of issue: 2010
Client: Erste Group



  • 1/17
  • 2/17
  • 3/17
  • 4/17
  • 5/17
  • 6/17
  • 7/17
  • 8/17
  • 9/17
  • 10/17
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  • 13/17
  • 14/17
  • 15/17
  • 16/17
  • 17/17

The ERSTE MAGAZIN for all employees of the Erste Group

How we think how we live how we work

This project turned out to be especially attractive, in our opinion, because it returns social networks back to a print product, and is nonetheless extremely contemporary in conception.

Task: we were to develop a concept for monthly staff magazine for the Erste Group, communicating banking and personal topics in an entertaining but memorable way for the 50,000 employees.

The special challenge for this magazine concept was that it had to work in eight different languages and be distributed in as many countries.

In terms of content we gave each edition a special major focus in our concept , such as "Growth" (see photos): The focal themes communicates without exception through people associated with the Erste Group, who have their say eye to eye, whatever their place in the hierarchy. The topic deals with not only from a corporate perspective but also from psychological, philosophical, sport-related or artistic points of view etc.: critically, unconventionally, with surprises, and with any sense of evaluation being avoided. For example, an entertaining, imaginative sequence of answers to the question “What has made me grow personally in recent years?” is treated as no less significant than an expert interview on the economic benefits and costs of growth. The concept is that events, current news etc. should be communicated through the Internet, while the magazine provides only links to that.

We think that a print product of this kind could represented a congenial editorially curated complement to social network platforms.