Editor in chief & founder:
Antje Mayer-Salvi
Managing editor: Lisa Peres
Nadine Cordial Settele, Matthias K. Heschl, Alexander Kremmers, Andreas Müller, Natascha Oth, Lisa Peres, Sascha Peres, Esther Jo Steiner, Philipp Steiner, Werner Sturmberger, Anneliese Ringhofer, Manfred Söllner, Shilla Strelka, Stephanie Rugel, Thomas A. Werginz, Jakob Winkler, Gerald Zagler, Petra Zechmeister
Design & art direction: Christoph Schörkhuber, Stefan Mayer, Christian Begusch (seite zwei - buero für design & branding)
Financial Support: departure, das Kreativzentrum der Wirtschaftsagentur Wien
Coding: Benedikt Breinbauer, Wolfgang Schreiner (nous guide)
Technical support: Jakob Scholz (ajado)
Translations: Peter Blackeney, Claudia Schoeffler
2015, Relaunch April 2016

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Interviews and Creative Map

REDAKTIONSBUERO OST took the initiative to set up this Vienna-personalities blog with videos, photos, interviews, tips, and recommendations in both German and English. The wonderful city of Vienna is not just the pomp of Schönbrunn Palace and the Lippizaner stallions, not just the handful of B and C-list celebrities in the media – rather it’s the many terrific people who live here. Their ideas, their projects, their stories. They’re creative, courageous, beautiful, bizarre, famous, or just average: But the world out there needs to learn more about the Viennese, Vienna-lovers, and Vienna itself.