Curators: Martina Fineder & Eva Kraus

Exhibtion Design: Moritz Lochner, Andreas Pawlik, Julian Roedelius

Production Videos: Redaktionsbuero OST

Concept & Idea Videos: Martina Fineder & Eva Kraus

Director & Producer: Antje Mayer

Line Producer: Matthias Heschl

Cinematography: Philipp Steiner

Sound: Thomas A. Werginz

Make-Up: Sabine Reiter & Angela Reinhold

Assistance Make-Up: Barbara Rössler

Postproduction: Esther Jo Steiner

Color Grading: Andi Winter

Graphic Design: dform

Translation: Peter Blakeney & Christine Schöffler

Transcription: Lisa Mayer

Sound Fragments: Laton

Year of Production: 2014

Domus on Tomorrow Is...

Why do you live and Work in Vienna?

Video interview for departure anniversary-exhibition Tomorrow Is... at MAK Vienna.

How does one refine complex contents – in this case nearly 50 Viennese creatives’ future projects – for the museum? In developing a multimedia installation, the curators Martina Fineder and Eva Kraus along with the exhibition designers Andreas Pawlik, Moritz Lochner (dform), and Julian Roedelius ( tried to answer this question. Redaktionsbuero Ost contributed almost one hour of video interviews both in English and German. This project’s challenge was both to develop an affordable and simple format as well as to keep the 30 statements of 50 creatives witty and entertaining.


The result of nearly one hour of video footage, that was to be embedded into the installation and the specially developed Video-Guides, are on the one hand six clips at three minutes. The interviewees respond to three questions on Vienna’s future on an oversized touch screen: „Why do you live and work in Vienna?“, „What do you miss in Vienna?“, and „Tomorrow Is... in Vienna?“. With the Video-Guides (a portable beamer system) further videos may be projected onto the exhibition’s walls, the ceiling, and the floor.

...and this is how the video interviews are used.