Director: Antje Mayer
Line Producer: Matthias Heschl
Cinematography: Philipp Steiner, Alice Millar
Thomas A. Werginz, Nicholas Do
Lighting Technicians: Dominik Danner, Erich Mader
Makeup: Alix Stria
Natascha Oth
With: Peter Bogner, Gerd Zillner, Monika Pessler, Barbara Lésak, Dieter Bogner, Juliet Kinchin, Jason McCoy, Hani Rashid, Len Pitkowsky
Client: Kiesler Stiftung
Year of Production:

  • 1/1

Frederick Kiesler – „Life is short, Art is long, Architecture endless“

Short documentary for the Kiesler Foundation

Commissioned by the Kiesler Foundation, REDAKTIONSBUERO OST produced a short documentary on the Austrian avant-garde artist Friedrich Kiesler within only a few months. In addition to producing the film, REDAKTIONSBUERO OST carried out profound research on the Austrian artist and architect together with the Kiesler Foundation’s team. The film was shot in Vienna and New York City. In addition to local experts (Kiesler Foundation, Austrian Theater Museum, Schauraum Wittmann), REDAKTIONSBUERO OST interviewed researchers and contemporaries in the USA (Len Pitkowsky – the former studio assistant died shortly after the film’s completion, MoMa, Jason McCoy Gallery, Asymptote Architecture, ACFNY, etc.). In accordance with partly newly discovered archive footage, the film paints a clear picture of one of the few Austrian avant-garde artists of international acclaim. „Frederick Kiesler – ‚Life is short, Art is long, Architecture endless’“ premiered in March at the Austrian Cultural Forum New York.