Producer: Igor Bararon & REDAKTIONSBUERO OST
Editing: Antje Mayer
Photography by: Igor Bararon & Team
Music: Zoran Predin, Lačni Franz, Luka Prinčič
Photos: Matija Praznik, Dejan Habicht, Matija Pavlovek;
courtesy of Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana
Client: ERSTE Foundation

Year of Production: 2011

Biography Igor Zabel

“Continuing Dialogue”

The Igor Zabel Award for Culture and Theory

This small documentary report, which we filmed in Ljubljana and Barcelona, continues our earlier reports, which we produced for the print media. By revealing people and their lives in Eastern Europe, previously known only to a few and by exploring places that have until now rarely been seen, especially in the Western media, but which have made their contribution to European history.

On the subject matter: Igor Zabel (1958-2005) was an influential Slovenian curator, art critic, writer and theoretician, the mouthpiece for the Slovenian and Eastern European art scene in the 1990s. As curator of the Moderna Galerija in Ljubljana he worked intensively for cultural relationships between Eastern and Western Europe.