Interviews: Antje Mayer
Produced & directed: REDAKTIONSBUERO OST
Editorial management: Petra Zechmeister
Photography: Philipp Steiner
Sound: Thomas A. Werginz
Music: Laton
Film editing: Esther J. Steiner
Production assistants: Fabian Ressl, Gerald Zagler

This interview was made at Viennafair 2012 for
"The New Contemporary Blog"


The New Contemporary

Highest Interview in Vienna

Antje Mayer in a conversation with Christina Steinbrecher & Vita Zaman,
the directors of the Viennafair, about art in Vienna and Vienna being
the hub between East and West. A challenge for our film team on Viennas flowery "Riesenrad".

We met them in the Wiener Prater...