Film Concept,Producer & Direction: REDAKTIONSBUERO OST
Photography: Philipp Steiner, Fabian Ressl
Postproduction: ZONE Media GmbH
Music: Markscheider Kunst ("Waltz from 'Kislorod'", CD Utopia/ Eastblock Music,, Eduard Strauss ("Die Biene", Polka fran├žaise, OP 54), Team Tool Time ("Bee Pop"/ Konkord),
Client: ERSTE Foundation
Year of Production: 2012

Special thanks to the beekeepers Friedrich Haselsteiner and Heidrun Singer

The Bee

The symbol of ERSTE Foundation

The bee has been the symbol for the ERSTE foundation for centuries now. Our task was to use the Bee as a synonym for "work, collecting & proliferation". It was quite a challenge getting these brisk creatures into frame, but obviously well-disposed allowing us to accompany them on their journey to Vienna. By the way: No animal was harmed or injured...