Director: Antje Mayer-Salvi
Line Producer: Matthias K. Heschl
Cinematographers: Philipp Steiner, Thomas Werginz
Camera Assistant: Stu Jolley-Socea
Sound Technicians: Thomas Werginz, Stu Jolley-Socea
Lighting Technician: Dominik Danner
Assistant Lighting Technician: Frank Rottmann
Post Production: Esther Jo Steiner
Makeup: Alix Stria
Music: Kevin MacLeod - Backed Vibes Clean (
Year: 2015


New Branch Banking from Austria’s Cutting-Edge Bank

Image film for Erste Bank

This image film’s challenge was to explain the Erste Bank’s new branch strategy in a concise and adequate manner. Digital and analogue banking will be combined in the bank’s future branches: smaller service branches at urban hot spots for the clients’ daily businesses and large advisory centers for more in-depth services. Within only a few months, REDAKTIONSBUERO OST produced two versions at numerous settings all over Vienna. The two versions vary in length and may be used crossmedially. Along with the German original version REDAKTIONSBUERO OST also produced a dubbed and a subtitled version in English.