Executive Producer: Dagmar Bever, Antje Mayer
Interviewer: Antje Mayer
Photography by: Michael Schindegger
Sound: Balthasar Fischer
Illustration: Michael Salvi
Animation: Clemens Roth, Florian Sturm
Still Photography: Annunziata Schmidt-Chiari
Graphic Design: ZONE Media GmbH
Music: Franz Pomassl, Alois Huber
Digital Editing: Peter Gstach
Client: good.bee Holding GmbH
Year of Production: 2010

Money for Many

How good.bee credits is changing (some) lives in Romania

Film in the Internet is a forward-leaning medium and has to grab people’s attention in a different way to television, which is a backward-leaning medium. In this short film we have experimented with a variety of stylistic devices. The challenge was to place complex subject-matter on the Internet, making it interesting through moving images: with motion graphics, extreme zooms, graphic transactions and inserts. Elements from the field of print were in part translated into the film medium.