Concept & Direction: REDAKTIONSBUERO OST
Postproduction: ZONE Media GmbH
Music: Dima Vikhornov
Photography by: Igor Bararon, Stu Jolley, Gregory Kennedy-Salemi, Jasmina Kokol, Ivana Mirčevska, Marian Richea, Ivan Rossa, Philipp Steiner, Mihail Petrov Vatsov
Client: ERSTE Stiftung, coordinated by the Intercultural Center in cooperation with Včelí Dom
Year of Production: 2011

(Learning) About Europe!

aces - The largest school network in Central and South-East Europe

This short interview was the scrapped footage of a bigger shoot. We put together this short commercial by using simple graphical elements and split screens thus combining a number of info-layers simultaneously. Brief but/and informative. Perfect for the internet but also useful for screenings in schools.