Concept, Event, CD, Magazine: Franz Pomassl & Antje Mayer (Laton & REDAKTIONSBUERO OST )
Graphic Design Magazin/CD: Andreas Pawlik (“dfrom”)
Date of Issue: 2002 (Laton025)
Thanks for the support: Paul Katzberger, Georg Kargl, Wolfgang Kos, Heike Meier & Hans-Ulrich Obrist (EVN Art Collection, advisory council)




Information about the permanent sound installation in the EVN Kraftwerk Theiß

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Armaments & Armatures Against Electronic Music

This CD (plus magazine), which has celebrated great success from England to Japan, is an accessory to a moment now seen as historic in terms of electronic music: the Prototype Festival organised by Franz Pomassl and Antje Mayer in the EVN power station in Theiß, Lower Austria, in 2002, which – like this CD – consists of a bizarre collection of international greats in the field of “electronic prototype sounds”: Pan Sonic (FIN), Mira Calix (SA), Alva Noto (D), Pomassl (A), Benzo (R), Auxpan (ISL), Alexei Boriso (R), Terre Thaemlitz (US), Fon (A), Carl Michael von Hausswolff (S), Thilges3 (A), Udo Wid (A), Tommi Grönlund and Peteri Nisunnen (FIN).

The CD is accompanied by a uniquely designed magazine (with x-rayed musical instruments) concerned with musical instrument prototypes: “Not only objects, technologies and machines can be prototypes, action and thought can be as well. A prototype always contains a vision, something ahead of its time ... The appeal of a prototype is found in its potential to be so perfect that it could be reproduced thousands of times, and that capital might well be gained from it, but this is not the reason why it was invented. Sometimes it is unwieldy and not really practicable. Sometimes it is coquettish, like a star, about its reproduction ...” (Antje Mayer in “Prototype. Armaments & Armatures Against Electronic Music”, Wien 2002)