Client: REPORT. Magazine for Arts and Civil Society in Eastern- and Central Europe
Anna Ceeh, Sergei Malkin, Franz Pomassl
Produced by:
Cover Design: Anna Ceeh
Date of issue:
Award: Also nominated for the Prix Ars Electronica 2011 in the Category “Digital Musics & Sound Art” as part of the CD-Box »⁄S⁄O⁄N⁄I⁄C⁄ ⁄Z⁄O⁄N⁄E⁄S⁄« (Laton)


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CD compilation produced by Laton

The CD compilation “Melodia”, produced by the laton label under commission from REPORT Magazine for Art and Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe, represents another high point in sonic research journeys through Russia, conducted by the Russian-Austrian media artist Anna Ceeh and Franz Pomassl. “Melodia” is a kind of full stop to a series of Russian sound art on 14 CDs from laton: the name of the CD is a reference to a monopolistic Russian label of the same name from Soviet times, but still in existence.


KYSKAS / Brilliant Dust
/ 04:56 / Murmansk, RUKyskas is made up of E. Osrych (sounds), K. Subarev (microsounds, Polivox synth), O. Stepanov (keyboards), I. Podolnyi (bass, keyboards), P. Sabelin (guitars). The project was set up in Murmansk in 2002. They are among the central activists of the electronic and hip-hop club scene on the Kola Peninsula that lies beyond the Polar Circle.

MOMBUS / Sunrise Pentagon / 04:30 / Murmansk, RUMombus, aka Sergey Bakanev (1974), lives and works in Murmansk, in northwestern Russia. He is a scientist in a polar research institute and has been dedicating himself to music since 2000. Several tracks are a mix of electronic, lounge, folk and synth-pop. The results are found on compilations of Russian IDM, easy listening, electro-pop and even folk. Essentially, the aim is to produce bizarre and witty sounds.

TEST PRESSING / Dinonoke / 03:30 / Murmansk, RUTest Pressing is a project by 23-year-old Pavel Malamonov from Murmansk, a computer specialist who has been making music since 2002. Using various kinds of sounds and crackles, children’s voices, the tones of old keyboards, pleasantly sounding digital and acous-tic instruments, Test Pressing’s compositions magically create won-drously beautiful futuristic sound landscapes and sensitive, fragile miniatures.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE / Hot Wheel / 03:45 / Petrozavodsk, RUArtificial Intelligence is operated by Andrey Ioudin (1974) from Petro-zavodsk, capital of the Republic of Karelia. He was previously a mem-ber of several advanced hard-rock bands there, with whom he made over 200 appearances. Since 1997, he has devoted himself exclu-sively to electronic music.

PARK MODERN / Moon Stories / 03:37 / Vladivostok, RUPark Modern is Evgeny Beresnev (1976), a freight forwarder for the Trans-Siberian railway, known under his nickname “Unshaved Fra”, who is the absolute star and pioneer of the advanced music scene in the Primorje region. During the last six years, this music-mechanic and charismatic individual from the city of Vladivostok has produced new, never-previously-heard forms of overwhelming, rhythmically con-trolled power electro-music that have defined what is known as the “Sound of Vladivostok”.

ADD / Grozzz / 03:52 / Petrozavodsk, RUADD was set up in 1996 by interior designer and music expert Victor Shubin (1974), together with Taekwondo teacher and software specialist Igor Bogdanov (1973). This pair dispenses entirely with the use of synthesizers and writes and programs their music entirely on computers. In their work they often refer to the experiments of the Russian academic avant-garde of the 1960s.

THE FESTIVAL OF NON-EXISTENT BANDS / Rotteneffekt / 03:46 / Tartu/Tallinn, EE A project from Estonia with a highly unusual band name, “The Festival of Non-Existent Bands” consists of Kiwanoid aka Jaanus Kivaste from the city of Tartu (ex- supermodel, art clown and media manipulator) in collaboration with Fabrique aka Kaur Klaamann from Tallinn (sound technician, keyboard rocker, turntable manipulator). “The Festival of Non-Existent Bands” is a bizarre presentation of meta-music, performance, electronic and “shifted” pop.

KHAKI / Abovesun Oil / 02:55 / Vladivostok, RU The name Khaki (= camouflage) is derived from a pair of camouflage trousers that, at the time the project was developed, had been worn for one-and-a-half years; it is also the name of the eponymous protagonist of a Russian science-fiction novella. In addition to his own music productions, Alexei Lipatov is active as a party organiser, DJ and music promoter. In civilian life he is manager of the “Lastochka” mineral water company, whose office is centrally located in Vladivostok’s industrial port.

LLAC / Who Need Real People? / 02:42 / Yekaterinburg, RU The formation LLAC aka “La Lettre A Camus” (Engl. “The Letter to Camus”) was set up in France in 1960, shortly after the tragic death of Albert Camus. Since then the members of LLAC have moved through very different musical styles, the team has been changed entirely a number of times, and the influences they have absorbed range from Franz Schubert to Kyrgyzian folk music. At present, LLAC consists of nine people, the front man is well over 70.

INKREDIBLE DIZ / Activate! / 03:51 / Vladivostok, RU Behind the name Inkredible Diz is the 22-year-old Vladivostok new-comer and advertising and marketing student Denis Kozakov, who first came into contact with music six years ago, initially in a playful way, and has by now developed his own individual form of expression. His primary interest is in hip-hop (breakdance, graffity, turntablism).

NIKOLA / Summer Sky / 04:44 / Vladivostok, RU Nikola, aka Nikita Moor (20), musician and information technology student from Vladivostok. His first experiments with electronic music date from 2001. In attempting to avoid standing still in the music world, he constantly tests out new forms of sounds. He is also a fan of ethnic music, from African percussion to Russian folk. Since 2006 he has organised highly successful experimental parties for electronic music in Vladivostok, called “Electric Sabbaths”.

DAMBO / Japonskaja Sadumchivost / 03:45 / Vladivostok, RU Dambo is a music formation founded in Vladivostok in 2003 that, ac-cording to their own statements, plays in the “Drambanoise” style. The trio is made up of Bolanath aka Valentin Nechiporuk (drums, sampling & percussion), K2k aka Konstantin Konstantinov (bass, sampling) and Unshaved Fra aka Evgeny Beresnev (noise, sampling & effects).

INFRA RED ARMY / Daown / 03:48 / Kharkiv, UA Infra Red Army is a project by Ukrainian musician Dmitry Soroka. Dmitry, born in Mariupol on the coast of the Azov Sea, lives and works in Kharkiv. He studied classical guitar and began to compose in 1994. While initially he worked mostly with acoustic guitar sound, he later developed an interest in computer-based electro-acoustics also. His debut CD “EnTrails” (Laton 037) has just recently been released.

RADIUS / Big UST Cowboys / 03:43 / Kemerovo, RU Radius is one of the latest projects by Sergei Malkin and was made in summer 2004 in St. Petersburg. Malkin, born in Kemerovo in southwest Siberia, started his career as a film-cutter in his native city. Radius’ sound style is unmistakeable, creative, excellently pro-duced, powerful and even soulful – in a Siberian way. The debut CD by Fractal Heads, “Light on the Stepped Plates” (Laton 043), has just been launched.

BELKI / Belkimobil / 03:45 / Novosibirsk, RU Belki, is the DJ, producer and promoter duo Da Belka aka Mariya Aleynikova (22) and Mr. Belk aka Denis Yashin (22) from Novosirsk. Both were also organisers of the so-called “Belchatnik’s”, the first Si-berian techno festivals with a cult status that were held in abandoned factories in their native city. More recently they founded their own la-bel and opened the first techno club “Residency Belchatnik”.

ZAVOLOKA / Tiny / 03:27 / Kyiv, UA Zavoloka aka Katia Zavoloka (1980) is a young, cheerful and ener-getic musician and graphic designer, who comes from Kiev, where she started making electronic music in 2000. Her music combines elec-tronic sounds with raw, unaltered voices. Zavoloka’s sound is a highly impulsive mix of rich, dense and often unexpected sound landscapes. The result is a most “human” product (due to the mood evoked by the natural voices) that is, nevertheless, electronically intensive, resonant and hard-edged.