Publisher: Antje Mayer, Rita Vitorelli
Concept & Idea: REDAKTIONSBUERO OST & Rita Vitorelli 
Marketing & Advertising:
Susanne Hoffmann-Ostenhof
Authors: Heinrich Deisl, Silvija Dervišefendić, Matthias Dusini, Maria Farcas, Susanne Firzinger, Visar Geci, Herwig Höller, Manuela Hötzl, József Készman, Asja Mandic, Antje Mayer, Lýdia Pribišová, Marko Rajkovic, Mimi Fronczak Rogers, Katarína Slaninová, Tina Smeker, Maria Vassileva, Rita Vitorelli, Raluca Voinea
Date of issue: 2009

spike Art Guide East. A Briefing on Contemporary Art and Culture in Central and Eastern Europe, Volume 1, spike, Vienna 2009
ISBN 978-3-200-01499-2

Paperback, English
336 pages with numerous illustrations
€ 25/$ 34/£ 23/CHF 39

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spike Art Guide East

A Briefing on Contemporary Art and Culture in Central and Eastern Europe

We wanted more East-insiders in this world. For that reason we produced a book in 2009. That was twenty years after the fall of the iron curtain; for us time for a cross-sectional view, a reference book and a practical “user’s manual” on the current art and culture scenes in Central and Eastern Europe. Time for REDAKTIONSBUERO OST to draw up a kind of resume of what we had experienced and come to know in the previous years.
We asked our colleagues, friends, experts and acquaintances on the spot. They gave us tips and ideas: the best places for contemporary art, food, parties and accommodation in ten cities that are found in none of the most common tourist guidebooks: Belgrade, Bratislava, Budapest, Bucharest, Ljubljana, Prague, Sarajevo, Sofia, Vienna and Zagreb. Knowledge of the scene from artists, curators, dealers, critics and creative people in each locality. Each city from the point of view of its insiders: the most interesting art, the right cafes and restaurants, the special places, the most suitable hotels. Handy, flexible, easily understood - beautiful.