Publisher: Crossing Europe Filmfestival
Editor: Matthias Heschl / REDAKTIONSBUERO OST
Editorial Work & Graphic Design:
Alexander Kremmers
Assistance: Christine Dollhofer, Wiktoria Pelzer, Sabine Gebetsroither
Aileen Derieg
Year of Production: 2015

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Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz

Festival catalogue 2015

As the Crossing Europe Film Festival’s main editorial office, REDAKTIONSBUERO OST managed the 2015 festival catalogue’s production. In cooperation with the festival team, REDAKTIONSBUERO OST executed the production process and coordinated the parties involved: world sales, press offices, film production companies, and film curators. More than 70 synopses both in English and German as well as especially composed biographies provide a comprehensive overview for festival guests.