Editing = “edere” (lat.) = to give out; to publish”.

We do no PR and make no advertising texts, and we are not a marketing office. We work for independent media, foundations, NGOs, cultural bodies and public institutions and enterprises. We turn draft material into edited texts. We text websites and write business reports, produce books, catalogues and magazines, and make small, exquisite films and animations. We specialise in taking complex materials – fragile, moving, technical, important ones – and imbuing them with high journalistic and creative values.

The REDAKTIONSBUERO OST was founded in 2009 and emerged from the Redaktionsbuero, which was managed by Antje Mayer-Salvi from 2000 to 2009—in partnership with Manuela Hötzl (Redaktionsbuero Architektur).


An interview with Antje Mayer-Salvi (German)